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Forms and Tools

We provide you with forms and tools to save you time.

If you have questions about filling out and submitting online or paper forms, please contact customer service.

Receive your payments faster by signing up for Electronic Funds Transfer online.

Appeals Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Autism Spectrum Disorder Behavioral Health Resources Care Management/Quality Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health ChildrenFirst™ Rewards Program Claims Compliance EDI Support

Please note, 835 Claim Payment Advice and ACH/EFT Electronic Payments are separate transactions and each requires separate enrollment.

See our Provider Manual for more information about electronic transactions.

Enrollment Pharmacy

*Beginning June 1, 2021, Walmart pharmacy will no longer be our preferred mail order pharmacy and Costco Pharmacy will be the mail order service for prescriptions.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program

Opioid Prescription

Provider Updates Tools and Resources Utilization Management


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