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Billing and Rendering Taxonomy Requirements

CHPW would like to remind all clinics and providers that claims must be billed with valid, appropriate taxonomy codes for the billing provider and, when applicable, the rendering provider.

Effective January 1, 2021, CHPW’s clearinghouse will reject any claims submitted without valid billing and/or rendering taxonomy codes and those claims will not be submitted to CHPW.

A solo practice provider claim is only required to bill the NPI/taxonomy at the billing level as the billing provider and rendering provider are the same. If your billing provider name is different from your rendering provider name, then separate NPIs and taxonomies are required; in this case, the billing and rendering cannot be the same taxonomy code.

  • Billing Taxonomy goes in Loop 2000A, PRV*BI Segment (paper claims: Box 33b)
  • Billing NPI goes in Loop 2010AA, NM1*85 Segment (Box 33a)
  • Billing Tax Identification Number (TIN) goes in Loop 2010AA, REF*EI Segment (Box 25)
  • Rendering NPI goes in Loop 2310B, NM1*82 Segment (Box 24j – bottom)
  • Rendering Taxonomy goes in Loop 2310B, PRV*PE Segment (Box 24j – top)

Please continue reading for more information about taxonomy codes or visit to find other taxonomies that may be applicable.

Tribal Providers

Tribal providers must bill with the appropriate billing taxonomy and the appropriate assigned American Indian/Alaskan Native (AI/AN) or non-AI/AN tribal modifier.

Please refer to the Tribal Health Billing Guide,, for details.

Acceptable Taxonomies

  • Medical claims: 208D00000X, 225100000X, 225X00000X, 235Z00000X, 152W00000X, and 171M00000X
  • Mental health claims: 2083P0901X
  • Substance use disorder claims: 261QR0405X

Behavioral Health Services

All behavioral health services must be billed with the appropriate billing taxonomy, including but not necessarily limited to, those listed below.

  • Community Mental Health Centers: 251S00000X or 261QM0801X
  • Behavioral health agencies (billing provider): 261QR0405X, 261QM2800X, 324500000X, or 3245S0500X
  • Rehabilitation (rehab) for substance use disorder (SUD): 261QR0405X
  • Methadone clinic/center: 261QM2800X
  • SUD rehab facility: 324500000X
  • Children’s SUD rehab facility: 3245S0500X

Rural Health Clinics (RHC)

RHC services must be billed with the RHC taxonomy in order to receive the service-based enhancement (SBE). As specified in the HCA’s Rural Health Clinics Billing Guide:

How do I bill taxonomy codes?

  • When billing for services eligible for an encounter payment, HCA requires RHCs to use billing taxonomy 261QR1300X at the claim level.
  • A servicing taxonomy is also required as follows:
    • Psychologists and psychiatrists billing for mental health encounters in combination with fee-for-service codes must bill servicing taxonomy appropriate for the service performed by the performing provider.
  • If the client or the service does not qualify for an RHC encounter, RHCs may bill regularly as a non-RHC without HCPCS T1015 on the claim.

Please refer to the Rural Health Clinics Billing Guide for more information:

Billing Guides

Please see the HCA Billing Guides for accurate taxonomies and more information,, including the Tribal Health Billing Guide, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) Billing Guide, Rural Health Clinics Billing Guide, and more.


If you have questions about the information in this bulletin, please contact EDI Support at [email protected]. Please include the claim number, member ID, date of service, and billed charges as this will aid in our research to resolve the rejection from the clearinghouse.


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