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Health Management

Programs to help you meet your health goals

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) works with you to meet your individual health goals. Our approach uses clinical and evidence-based guidelines, which means they have been tested and shown to be helpful.

Sometimes, your health needs are best met with community resources like access to food or shelter. CHPW has regional experts across the state who can guide you to resources near you.

Health management with CHPW isn’t a replacement for the relationship between you and your care providers. Instead, we support communication between you and doctors, as well as coordination between providers, so you get the care you need.

Which CHPW health management program is right for me?

We have many different programs to help our members manage their health. If you aren’t sure which one best meets your needs, contact customer service. We’ll be happy to help.

Case Management

CHPW case management addresses your individual health care needs, from food security to helping you get in to see your doctor.
Read more about Case Management

Bariatric Case Management

In our 3-phase case management program, we walk with you through the process and carefully monitor your health.
Read more about Bariatric Case Management

Health Coaching Program

Health coaching is available to members who have been diagnosed with asthma, COPD, heart failure, or diabetes. If you have one of these conditions, health coaching can help you manage your symptoms.
Learn more about the Health Coaching Program

Health Assessment

We use this short survey about your health and lifestyle to identify key areas for improvement and suggest ways to manage ongoing health conditions.
Learn more about Health Assessments

Patient Review and Coordination Program

The Patient Review and Coordination Program streamlines your care to better serve your health and safety.
Read more about the Patient Review and Coordination (PRC) Program

Medication Therapy Management

For members who take multiple medications, to ensure that they’re improving your health.
Learn more about the Medication Therapy Management Program

Community Programs

If you’re having trouble meeting basic needs, our Community Programs team can help. They can connect you with local resources for food, housing, job training, and more.
Learn more about Community Programs

Health Homes

CHPW provides health home services across Washington for members with complex conditions whose care needs are high.
Learn more about the Health Home Program

Supplemental Security Income Program

If your age or a disability keeps you from earning money, this program can help.
Learn more about the SSI Program


Vaccines keep your family and your community safe. Immunizations are covered for CHPW members.
Learn more and see the immunization schedule

Blood Lead Level Screening

Blood lead level screenings are covered for children at one and two years old (at 12 and 24 months).
Learn more about blood lead level screenings

Health Information Library

CHPW provides an online tool that connects members with important health information. You can browse health topics, watch wellness videos, and much more.

Read more about the Health Information Library


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