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Circumcision coverage

  • CHPW covers up to $200 toward non-medically necessary circumcision for each child. (Medically necessary circumcisions are covered by the state.)
  • Non-medically necessary circumcision is optional, not required.
  • Benefit applies to children under 18.
  • Each child assigned male at birth in the family is eligible.
  • Open network: The doctor performing the procedure doesn’t have to be contracted with CHPW; they just need to be willing to bill CHPW.
  • Any charges above $200 are member’s responsibility.

What is circumcision?

At birth, a hood of skin called the foreskin covers the head of the penis. Circumcision is a procedure in which a doctor removes the foreskin. The procedure usually is done shortly after the baby is born, though it can also be performed later in life.

Circumcision isn’t required, but many parents choose this for their children who are assigned male at birth. Some families choose circumcision for cultural or religious reasons. Others may do so for potential health benefits, such as less risk of urinary tract infections when the child becomes older.

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