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Intersections of Health

Find health services for every part of your life

Your community wouldn’t be what it is without you. People look to you, count on you, ask you for advice—and Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) is here to help you do what you do best.

Your whole health story includes every part of you: your family’s medical history, the way you live today, and the communities you belong to. CHPW has services and programs tailored to your needs.


Healthy You, Healthy Baby

As a mom, you’re the center of your family. Learn how CHPW can help you meet health goals, get the resources you need to care for yourself and your family, and more.See CHPW benefits for moms

Children’s Health

Children’s Health

From covered sports physicals to gift cards for well-child visits, CHPW provides benefits and services designed with kids in mind.Learn about children’s health



CHPW members qualify for gender-affirming surgery. Learn more about the physical and mental health services and community resources that meet your individual needs.Go to LGBTQ+ health

Tribal Health Care

Tribal Health Care

Meet our Tribal Liaison, Cherokee Nation member Natalie Christopherson, and learn about your care options as an American Indian or Alaskan Native.Learn about tribal health care

Teens and youth

Teens and youth

Understand youth rights around medical privacy, and get assistance transitioning from foster care to independent living.Go to youth resources


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