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Electronic Remittance Advice Enrollment Process

CHPW uses Availity for our Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA; claim payment details), or 835, transactions. The enrollment process is all electronic and does not require a fee to register or enroll.

You or your clearinghouse will need to enroll in ERA directly with Availity. Please contact Availity at Availity.com or call 1-800-AVAILITY (282-4548).

Note that the 835 ERA is different than ACH/EFT. ACH/EFT are payments made via automated clearinghouse/electronic funds transfer. The 835 ERA is your remittance advice or explanation of payment. 835s and ACH/EFT are separate transactions and each requires a separate enrollment. If you enroll in one of these transactions, you are not automatically enrolled in the other; you can have ERA and not ACH/EFT or vice versa. Please see our Provider Manual, “835 Transactions” and “ACH/EFT Payments” sections, for more information.


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