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Your CHPW coverage includes a large network of providers and pharmacies, primary care services, specialty services, some mental health services, care management, and more. 

Browse the Apple Health Member Handbook to see what's covered and what's not:

Tell your family and doctors what kind of care you want in the future. Learn more about Advance Directives.

Apple Health is changing

Apple Health is becoming whole person care. Whole person care won't reduce or change your Apple Health benefits. The difference is that your health plan will provide coverage for all mental health and substance use care, along with the primary care, specialty care, and prescription coverage that have always been covered. 

The change will happen gradually, with certain counties changing at different times. The next change will happen on January 1, 2019. To see how your county will be affected, click here.

Clark and Skamania counties are already part of whole person care. Clark and Skamania residents are covered for primary care, specialty care, prescriptions, mental health care, and substance use treatment. Residents are also eligible for all CHPW member rewards and benefit programs. View All Benefits. 

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Will you qualify for Washington Apple Health?

Becoming a CHPW member takes two steps. First, you have to check with the Health Care Authority (HCA) to see if you meet the requirements to get Medicaid. If you do, you can sign up for Medicaid. Once you are signed up for Medicaid, you can pick CHPW as your plan.