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Requesting Volunteers for ERM

The Department of Health (DOH) can help support local emergency response missions by identifying available volunteers registered and vetted in WAserv.

Submit requests for volunteers to your local emergency management (EM). Find contact information at

You will need the following information:

  • Location
  • Start and end times
  • Start and end dates, with days of the week
  • What will be provided to the volunteer (food, lodging, per diem, PPE, etc.)
  • What the volunteer needs to bring to the site

After receiving your request, local EM sends your request to the state Emergency Management Division (EMD) by entering it into WebEOC. State EMD coordinates with ESF 8 and the DOH Volunteer Management Team (VMT) to fulfill the request. Your local EM will work with DOH VMT to provide you with a list of volunteers who meet the criteria to fulfill your request.

Once you receive the list of volunteers:

  • Contact the volunteers for coordination and scheduling at your site. DOH VMT does not coordinate or schedule volunteers.
  • Once you have chosen and scheduled the selected volunteers, send DOH VMT the list of volunteers at your site(s) by emailing [email protected].
  • Inform DOH VMT of any changes to volunteers’ status at your facility.

You can reach out to us for help at any point in the process.

When your organization no longer needs the assigned volunteers:

  • Notify DOH VMT that the response need has concluded by emailing [email protected].
  • DOH VMT will then update WAserv and return these volunteers to “available” status.

For more details, facilities should visit and read the healthcare facilities FAQ.

State Level Volunteers

The law authorizes the Department of Health to coordinate the provision of volunteer health services during an emergency.

State Asset

This pool of volunteers is managed at the state level. Volunteers are registered, credentialed and approved to practice in Washington State. These volunteers help to support healthcare surge needs.

Who Manages It?

Washington State Department of Health – Volunteer Management Team

Who is Eligible?

Health practitioners licensed (and in good standing) in all states where they have practiced and registered in WAserv who will serve as emergency volunteer health practitioners.

Governing Authority

RCW 70.15 can only be activated during a Governor’s proclamation of emergency and is rescinded when the proclamation ends.

Primary Legal Tenants of Law

RCW 70.15 provides liability protection to volunteers who meet these two requirements:

  • Volunteers must be registered in WAserv
  • Volunteer licenses must go through credential checks of every state in which they’ve held a license

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Local Level Volunteers including Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

This law authorizes the State Emergency Management Division (EMD) to coordinate the provisions of emergency volunteer workers including but not limited to Medical Reserve Corps. MRC volunteers are one of 18 categories of emergency volunteers and are registered with and controlled by the county emergency management agency.

Local Assets

These volunteers are organized and registered by county emergency management agencies. The primary purpose of these volunteer units is to support local health care personnel surge capacity needs in times of disaster.

Who Manages It?

County emergency management agencies have the responsibility and authority for registering, credentialing, and deploying volunteer emergency workers on state approved incidents and training events. The Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) administers
the statewide program and supports the liability protection and coverage for injuries.

Who is Eligible?

Volunteers who are members of an authorized volunteer group registered with the county emergency management agency. These volunteers can also be registered in WAserv.

Governing Authority

RCW 38.52 is the standing (always active) Emergency Worker Law.

Primary Legal Tenants of Law

  • Volunteer organizations practice with a mission number issued by EMD
  • Volunteers must have approval from EMD to cross county lines

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Washington Emergency System for Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (WAserv)

WAserv is Washington’s volunteer registration system which complies with the federal mandate to verify the identity, licenses, and credentials of trained health care, public health, and support professionals before an emergency happens. It is part of the Emergency System
for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).

WAserv augments volunteer programs such as the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) and Functional Assessment Strike Teams (F.A.S.T.).



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