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Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) members can get gift card rewards for prenatal, postpartum, and well-child checkups through our ChildrenFirst™ Program. Gift card rewards can be used at Amazon, Safeway, or Target.


ChildrenFirst Gift card

$100 in gift cards for prenatal visits (Improved benefit)

Members can get up to $100 in gift cards if they see their doctor during their pregnancy.

Learn about prenatal rewards ➜

ChildrensFirst $50 gift card

$50 gift card for postpartum checkup (New)

Members can now get a $50 gift card when they visit the doctor 1 to 12 weeks after giving birth.

Learn about postpartum rewards ➜

ChildrenFirst Gift card

$20 gift cards for every checkup

Members whose children are also CHPW members can get a $20 gift card for every well-child checkup. The benefit is one gift card per child for each well-child visit until age 18.

Learn about well-child checkup rewards ➜

Regular doctor visits and prenatal checkups are covered through CHPW.



ChildrenFirst Gift card

Free Breast Pump

Members can receive a manual or electric breast pump, delivered to their home at no cost.

Learn how members can get their breast pump ➜

ChildrensFirst $50 gift card

Circumcision Benefit

CHPW pays up to $200 toward the cost of circumcision.

Learn more about circumcision coverage ➜

ChildrenFirst Gift card

Healthy You, Healthy Baby

CHPW’s Healthy You, Healthy Baby program provides individual support before, during, and after pregnancy.

Learn more about the Healthy You, Health Baby program ➜


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