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Commitment to Equity

Advocating and caring for individuals and communities negatively impacted by racial and social injustice is core to Community Health Plan of Washington’s mission. As a health care organization founded by the Community Health Center movement nearly 30 years ago, our work has deep roots in the civil rights movement.

We are acutely aware of the toll systemic racism and economic injustices have on the health and welfare of our communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has only amplified this direct connection.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter. Unless and until black lives are valued no less than white lives, the gap between our country’s ideals and reality will only widen.

We support peaceful actions to address racial inequality and social justice.

We actively seek to address inequalities in healthcare, and in social, environmental, political, and economic environments that negatively affect the well-being of historically marginalized peoples.

We commit to our journey of anti-racism and stand in solidarity with our members, patients, colleagues and community partners.

We work as an ally with our communities.


Statement on Events in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021

We fully condemn yesterday’s horrific events by right wing extremists, who responded to calls from the highest office in the country to attack the very fundamentals of our Democracy.

We witnessed the culmination of the stoking of white supremacy and hate – where violence was allowed to threaten the rule of law and to ravage our political institutions. The unleashing of these hate mobs – without accountability as we speak – must be recognized by us all as a clarion call to redouble our work to fight hatred in all of its forms.

We must also recognize the ugly reality that this country has one system of justice for whites and one for people of color. Yesterday’s impotent response to the insurrection was in sharp contrast to the police responses to the peaceful protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are saddened by the continued racial inequities in the year 2021, but we are resolute in our commitment to racial and social justice and the work ahead.


Leanne Berge
Chief Executive Officer
Community Health Plan of Washington/Community Health Network of Washington


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