Don't Lose Your Coverage

Apple Health members have to renew their coverage every year. If you don’t renew, you could lose your coverage. When it’s time for you or your family to renew, Community Health Plan of Washington and the Health Care Authority will let you know by mail, email, and phone call.

Have you gotten a letter, email, or phone call about renewing your coverage? Call Community Health Plan of Washington to renew.


Call to renew
1-866-907-1899 (TTY 711)

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

After Hours? Click and Submit the Renewal Form


Our local Apple Health experts can walk you through the renewal process. All of our experts are local, licensed, and certified.

When you call to renew your coverage, you need:

  • Social Security numbers for everyone who is renewing
  • Your household’s estimated income

When to Renew

With the exception of some people who will always be qualified for Medicaid, everyone who has Medicaid coverage needs to renew every year. The timing of your renewal is based on when you enrolled. 

The Health Care Authority will send a letter to you three months before your renewal date, two months before your renewal date, and one month before your renewal date. Community Health Plan of Washington will also contact you over the phone and through email between one and two months before your renewal date.

Why Renew

Stay covered: You need to renew your Apple Health coverage with the Health Care Authority every year so you can get the care you need, when you need it, without worrying about cost.

Keep your plan:  If you enjoy the coverage, rewards, and service you get as a Community Health Plan of Washington member, you need to choose us again when you renew your Apple Health coverage.

You can also renew through the Washington Healthplanfinder or at your local Community Health Center.