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Health Risk Assessment

What is a Health Risk Assessment?

A health risk assessment (HRA) is a short survey that asks about your health and life. It helps us find programs and services that can support you in feeling your best. We will share information and ideas back with you after you complete your survey.

Your HRA information is kept confidential.

How do HRAs work?

A health risk assessment usually includes questions on these topics:

  • Age, gender, and race.
  • Lifestyle including exercise, diet and if you use tobacco or alcohol.
  • Emotional health. Conditions like depression and anxiety can affect your emotional health, as can life events and other stressors.
  • Physical health. This includes weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, pregnancy, and other issues.
  • Current and previous health conditions.
  • Resource and support needs. This includes food, housing, transportation, and employment support.

When do I take an HRA?

When you join CHPW as a member, we will get in touch to offer you an HRA within 90 days. You will be asked to take a health assessment each year you are a member. We use HRAs to help members make care plans and provide personalized ideas to help you feel your best.

How do I take an HRA?

We will reach out to you to complete an HRA. You can take the survey over the phone, through the mail, or online. If you have had recent changes in your health and want to complete an HRA today please reach out to our Member Health Services team.


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