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LGBTQ Youth Resources

  • Gender and Sexuality, Explained
    For many people, gender and sexuality are fluid and exist on a spectrum. The Trevor Project has an easy to understand graphic on sexuality and gender (plus lots of of other good stuff).
  • Safer Sex
    Practicing safer sex shows that you respect yourself and your partner.
  • Stress Management
    LGBTQ teens can experience higher levels of stress than their heterosexual peers. Stress can interfere with school, sleep, relationships, self-esteem, and health.
  • Healthy Relationships
    Whether it's dating or friendship, healthy relationships should be supportive of who you are and make you feel safe and happy.
  • Resources and Support
    Help and support are important for everyone. There are resources in your community that welcome LGBTQ youth and can offer care, shelter, supplies, legal help, job and school resources, or just someone who will listen.
  • Self-Esteem
    Celebrate yourself! Everyone deserves to feel good about who they are as they grow, try new things, and make mistakes.
  • I’m Not in the Right Body
    Many transgender adults remember feeling unhappy, anxious, or distressed when they were younger because they felt like their bodies didn't match who they were inside.
  • Know Your Rights
    If you are 13 or older, you have a legal right to access your own health care. Learn which services you can access independently, plus more information on the rest of your legal rights.