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Benefits for Mom

Moms get more, because you do more

Moms keep the whole family going. But sometimes you need help too.

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) offers benefits for moms, infants, and families that go beyond what you get with Apple Health (Medicaid) alone.

CHPW benefits for moms and babies include

  • $0 breast pump
  • Baby Bassinet Box
  • 24/7 Nurse Advice Line
  • Reproductive health care and family planning

Rewards for prenatal checkups

We make your important prenatal care a little more rewarding.

Pregnant CHPW members can join our Prenatal rewards program. If you see your doctor twice during your pregnancy, you’ll get a $65 gift card to buy a car seat.

Learn how to get your car seat.

Moms Support Circle

You’re the center of your baby’s world. So you should be at the center of your maternity care. CHPW’S Moms Support Circle program offers individual support through your pregnancy to your baby’s first months.

You’ll get a Health Risk Assessment to figure out what care makes sense for your pregnancy. Our case managers work with you to set and meet health goals, answer questions, address your needs around housing and food, and apply for benefits like WIC.

Learn more about your personalized prenatal care plan.

Ready for $0 benefits that support your whole family? Become a CHPW member:

Become a CHPW member: 
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