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No Referral to See a Mental Health Provider 

Community Health Plan of Washington has a large network of providers who can help your child manage a mental health condition. You don't need a referral from your Primary Care Provider for your child to see a Mental Health Provider.

When your child sees their Mental Health Provider, they will ask your child some questions to determine what kind of care they need.

After they've determined the kind of care they need, they will work with you to get your child an appointment with the right provider. It might be them, another CHPW Mental Health Provider, or a provider that works with your area's Behavioral Health Organization (BHO).

You will not have a copay unless your child sees a provider who does not work with CHPW or your region's BHO. You have the right to choose a qualified provider for your mental health or substance use care. If you're having trouble getting access to care, please contact CHPW.

To get that first appointment with a Mental Health Provider, use our online provider search tool or call Customer Service.

Finding the right provider online

Find a facility that offers mental health services to kids 21 and under.

List of facilities by region

  1. Go to the online Provider Directory.
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. Enter in the relevant search term into the bar that says "Filter by Specialties":
  • Applied Behavioral Health (Centers that do Autism/ABA evaluations and care plans)
  • Behavioral Analyst/Technician (providers who can help with Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder/ABA)
  • Behavioral Health (Mental health and substance use/addiction)
  • Chemical Dependency (substance use condition/addiction)
  • Center of Excellence (The first step for ABA treatment. They do the initial evaluation)
  • Mental Health
  • Psychiatry (can prescribe medication)
  • Social Worker
  1. Look in the Limitations section to check for age restrictions.
  2. Select how far you're willing to travel for care.

School-based Counseling

Many schools offer mental health counseling to Medicaid-eligible kids for free. Check with your school to see what's available.

Case Management Ensures Access

Most of what helps your child get better happens outside the doctor’s office. Organizing care in your daily life can be stressful or difficult. That’s why we have Case Managers to help you. Many of our Case Managers are licensed social workers, nurses, or specialists.

Case Managers can:

  • Find a provider for you
  • Make sure you get in to see a doctor
  • Connect you with local help for clothes, food, housing, and more
  • Organize transportation
  • Keep track of your medicine
  • Help you set and meet health goals

Case Management is covered for every CHPW member. Call Customer Service to get started.