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Mental Health Resource Center

  • Kids and Teens
    Kids and teenagers have different needs and experiences when it comes to managing a mental health or substance use condition. We have resources available that can help your child get the care they need.
  • Getting Access to Care
    Learn how to find the right provider to help you manage your condition. Get medical advice and crisis assistance. If you need crisis help now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255.
  • For Family and Friends
    Learn how to recognize signs of distress and help loved ones who may be struggling.
  • Medication
    Medicine is often used by itself or with therapy to help treat mental health and substance use disorders. Learn more about how medicine works and how it may affect you.
  • Find your Benefit Information
    Select your county to see the what benefits are covered in your region.
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum
    Having a baby can shift your hormones and make you feel sad, hopeless, or worthless. There are things you can do to get back to normal.
  • Understand What’s Happening
    Knowing more about what you or a loved one is going through can help get rid of fear, shame, and confusion about the disease.
  • Resources
    Download free apps to your phone to help manage your mental health and find support in your community.