• Get Ahead of Flu Season
    The flu can be dangerous -- 80,000 people died of the flu last year. Protect yourself, your family, and your community. Get a flu shot.
  • Confronting Alzheimer’s
    Not sure if you're ready to bring it up? We can help you spot the signs and start the conversation.
  • Holiday Safety
    Stay safe this season whether you're hosting friends and family or traveling.
  • Healthier Holiday Meals
    A festive holiday dinner doesn't have to be unhealthy. Learn some easy tricks to keep the flavor and lose the unhealthy fat and sugar.
  • Five Tips to Protect Kids’ Teeth this Halloween
    It's almost time for Trick-or-Treating! Our tips can help you keep your kids' teeth healthy, even with all that extra candy in the house.
  • Caring for Caregivers
    Being a caregiver is a noble calling -- and a lot of hard work. Learn how to get the support you need as you care for others.
  • Crafty Costumes
    Halloween costumes that are budget-friendly, easy to make, and adorable.
  • Cancer Screening
    It's Crucial Catch month! Use a free app to schedule your cancer screenings.
  • It’s School Sports Physical Time
    Is your child interested in football, volleyball, or cross-country? Being part of a fall sports team needs a physical. Find out how to get one!
  • Free School Supplies
    Neighborhood groups collect school supplies and clothes to help your child start the school year off right.
  • Got a Picky Eater?
    How to make sure your picky eater is getting enough vegetables -- without a fight.
  • Dealing with Bullies
    What you can do as a parent if your child is being bullied or bullying other kids at school.
  • Mental Health Care
    If you're looking for mental health care, your local clinic is a good place to start.
  • Fighting Epidemics
    Local clinics provide shots that help protect the whole community from disease.
  • Breast or Bottle?
    Local clinics support moms as they decide the best way to feed their new baby
  • Get to know your Community Health Centers
    Your local Community Health Center (CHC) isn't just where you get your check ups. They can connect you with services to help with housing, utility bills, nutrition, and other programs. They also work to defend all the social programs that make sure no one gets left behind. We're celebrating CHCs during National Health Center Week, August 12-18.
  • Summer Boys & Girls Club
    Boys & Girls Clubs are open during the summer! Kids age 6-18 with a CHPW member ID care can go for free and enjoy activities, a free meal or snack, and a safe environment to be with friends. Check hours and participation with your local Boys & Girls Club.
  • Sunscreen 101
    Learn how to use sunscreen to keep from getting burned.
  • Summer Meals
    Where to find free lunches for kids once school lets out.
  • Why Hydrate?
    There are some surprising benefits to drinking enough water.
  • Man vs. Medicine
    Why do men see their doctor half as much as women? It’s not because they’re twice as healthy. Find out why men tend to avoid their check-ups and how to get them to make an appointment.
  • Dr. Isay’s Fight
    Dr. Richard Isay was a gay man and a father who fought to convince his fellow psychiatrists that being gay wasn’t a disease.
  • Kids Coming Out
    What you can do to support your child if they come out as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ).
  • But I’m not Sick!
    You don't just need to go to the doctor when you're sick. Your annual check-ups are an important part of staying healthy, longer.
  • Mother’s Day Health Tips
    To all the moms out there, thanks for everything you to do take care of others. We want to make sure that you’re not forgetting to take care of yourself too.
  • Follow These Steps for Healthy Bones
    Bones change as we get older. Do you know how to keep them strong?
  • When it’s More than the Baby Blues
    Depression after having a baby is a treatable condition, not a source of shame.
  • Mom and Hero of the AIDS Epidemic
    Selma Dritz, mother of three, changed the course of the AIDS epidemic.
  • Myth Busters
    There’s a lot of health advice out there that doesn’t actually keep you healthy. Don’t be an April Fool! Find out what common health advice is actually a health myth.
  • Rainy Day Art
    Nurture your child’s creativity while the April showers have you stuck inside.
  • Safer Sex
    Local clinics can help you protect yourself and your partner with free services.
  • Phones Down
    Texting and driving is dangerous, and you can be ticketed for it in Washington.
  • Clear the Air
    Here are some cleaning tips to help get indoor allergens out of your house.
  • Read the Label
    Knowing how to read food labels will help you pick the healthy food off the store shelves and leave the unhealthy food behind.
  • Garbage to Garden
    Start a Spring garden with your old kitchen scraps! Replant old bits of potatoes, onion roots, and basil plants for a fun Springtime project.
  • Keep an Eye on Your Health
    Eye exams can reveal more than blurry vision. Many dangerous health problems can show up in the eyes before they show up in other parts of the body.
  • Matters of the Heart
    We keep our hearts pumping with a good diet, exercise, sleep, and enough water. But what happens to your heart when you don't have the best health habits? (February, 2018)
  • Signs of Attack
    The signs of a heart attack aren’t always the same for men and women. (February, 2018)
  • Relationship Fitness
    Keeping your relationships strong and happy can improve your mental health. (February, 2018)
  • The Father of the Blood Bank
    Dr. Charles Richard Drew saved millions of lives with the Blood Bank. (February, 2018)
  • Winter is the Time for Community
    (January 2018) Resources in your community can help you with winter expenses.
  • See the Signs
    (January 2018) Do you know the early warning signs of mental health or substance use issues?
  • Rewards for Kids
    (January 2018) CHPW members can get gift cards when they complete Well Child visits.
  • Be Ready
    (January 2018) Putting together an emergency kit on a budget.
  • Common Sense Safety
    (December 2017) How to safely enjoy the outdoors in the winter time.
  • Small Steps Forward
    (December 2017) Tips on sticking to your New Year's resolutions.
  • Check-up Countdown
    (December 2017) If your family hasn't gotten their annual check-ups, think about going in while kids are home on winter break.
  • Know Before You Go
    (December 2017) Many people go to the emergency room when they don't need to.
  • Health Holiday Plates
    (November 2017) Enjoy the holidays without breaking your good eating habits.
  • No Smoke November
    (November 2017) Practical tips to help you quit smoking.
  • Winter Resources
    (November 2017) Find out how to get help with utility bills as the weather gets colder.
  • Staying Positive
    (November 2017) Practicing positive thinking can help reduce stress.
  • 13 Tricks for a Safe Halloween
    (October 2017) Don't let an accident ruin your Halloween.
  • Feeling SAD this Fall?
    (October 2017) Learn how to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Make a Medicine List
    (October 2017) A medicine list is an easy way to prevent dangerous drug interactions.
  • Time to Get a Flu Shot!
    (October 2017) A flu shot can protect you from the flu or make your symptoms easier if you do catch it.
  • Sports Physicals
    (September 2017) CHPW members get free school sports physicals.
  • Scared of Shots
    (September 2017) Shots can be scary for kids of all ages. Practical tips to help your child stay calm while getting their shots.
  • Fast Food Swap Out
    (September 2017) The best healthy lunch for you based on your favorite fast food.
  • Back to School Resources
    (September 2017) Community resources to help you get backpacks, school clothes, and other classroom supplies.
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