Let’s get this out of the way: we know you have a lot to do this month. December can feel like a marathon. Shopping, planning, traveling, and hosting—it takes a toll on your body (and your mind). December is an endurance test, and it gets harder as the month goes on. People get tired and stressed, and often gain weight or develop other health problems from pushing too much. 

Unless you get your sleep.

It does more for you than you might realize. You lose more than a little energy if you lose your sleep. Poor sleep is closely connected to weight gain. On top of that, people who sleep less tend to have a bigger appetite – that’s dangerous during the holidays.

Good sleep also helps to keep your stress levels down and fend off depression. Both of those can be real hazards this time of year. Additionally, it reduces your risk of heart disease or stroke. And if you want to avoid catching the cold this winter, guess what? That’s right, you need to get good sleep to keep your immune system working. With all these benefits, you can see good sleep is even more important in December than most months.

But I need the extra time to do everything!

It may seem that way, but getting enough sleep will help you do more with the time you have. Good sleep can improve your concentration, productivity, and energy level. With a full tank, it’s easier to get everything done quickly… and you’ll feel better, too. Good sleep also helps you to feel social for longer periods of time.

Yes, December can feel like a marathon. And that’s all the more reason to rest up.