• Getting Care
    What is medical necessity or medically necessary care?
    Medical necessity is used to describe care that is reasonable, necessary, and/or appropriate, based on evidence-based clinical standards of care.
  • Getting Care
    I’ve moved to a new house. How do I change my address?
    When you move, you need to let Community Health Plan of Washington and your Community Services office know so you don't go without care or assistance.
  • Getting Started
    I’m not a member yet. If I enroll, will I be able to keep seeing my doctor?
    Having a provider that you like and trust is important. Before you enroll, make sure your provider is in our network.
  • Getting Care
    How do I know if I should see a doctor?
    Learn about your options for care based on what kind of medical issue you are having.
  • Getting Care
    How do I make an appointment?
    Find out who to call and what to say when you schedule an appointment to see your doctor or other provider.
  • Getting Care
    What if I want a second opinion about my health care?
    You have the right to get a second opinion about your health care. We encourage you to communicate with your primary care provider.
  • Getting Started
    Health Insurance 101
    Health insurance doesn't have to be confusing. Get answers to some of the most common and most asked questions about health coverage right here.
  • Getting Started, Membership
    Will I get an ID card from Community Health Plan of Washington?
    Every CHPW member gets their own ID card when they enroll.