Helping You Meet Your Health Goals

Care managers work with you to create a plan to help meet your health goals based on your specific situation and needs. Our approach uses clinical guidelines and evidence-based guidelines, which means they have been tested and shown to be helpful. Care management supports the relationship between you and your care providers.

We offer several different Care Management programs to our members.

Case ManagementNurse smiling up at an elderly man

Case Management advocates for the member and helps coordinate care between several different providers. They also make sure members can access other resources that are available to them. 

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Health Coaching Program

Health coaching is available to members who have been diagnosed with Asthma, COPD, or diabetes.

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Utilization Management

Utilization Management reviews services to make sure you're getting appropriate care.

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Patient Review and Coordination Program

The Patient Review and Coordination Program helps make sure services are being used safely.

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