Community Driven Care

Community Health Plan of Washington covers a range of benefits, services, and prescription drugs for all of our members. We have a network of primary care providers, specialists, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies based in your community. You do not have copays for covered or authorized services from in-network providers. 

Some of Our Benefits

Routine care: Checkups, immunizations, lab services, OB-GYN, family planning, hospital services.

For kids: Checkups, immunizations, Autism screening and therapy, hearing exams and aids.

Specialty care: Diabetic supplies, podiatry, transgender health services, TB screening and care.

Mental health care: Evaluation, medication management, family treatment, crisis services.

Substance use treatment: Assessment, opiate services, inpatient residential treatment, counseling.

Prescriptions: Three month supplies of generic oral medication for hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, high cholesterol, asthma, antidepressants and antipsychotics. Read more.

Vision: Eye exams, glasses or contacts for members under age 21 (through state programs).

Long-term care: Health Home Program, Disease Management, Case Management, in-home caregiver (administered by ALTSA).

Care management: A CHPW Care Manager can help you set and meet health goals, arrange appointments, connect you with local resources, and advocate for you in the health care system.

This is not a full list of our covered benefits. Some services require a referral from your primary care provider or prior authorization from us. There are limits to some benefits and services, and some are covered if we determine that they are medically necessary or under Fee-for-Service.

Member Benefit Booklet

Browse a full list of benefits and information on how to use your CHPW plan in the member benefit booklet. (PDF)

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Also Available: Behavioral Health Services Only Plan

If you already have health coverage through another program, like Medicare, Tribal Health, or Foster Care, you can get extra coverage just for mental health and substance use services through our Behavioral Health Services Only (BHSO) plan. You won’t have copays for services that are covered or approved from in-network providers. Some of the services we cover are:

Substance use services: Assessment, detox, opiate substitution services, inpatient residential treatment, outpatient treatment.

Mental health services: Evaluation, medication management, stabilization services, family treatment, crisis services.

Other services: Emergency services, hospital services, evaluations, lab services.

This is only a partial list of the BHSO covered services. You should also be aware of service limits, prior authorization requirements, and when you need a referral from your Primary Care Provider.

For more information about the BHSO plan or benefits, use the member benefit bookelt. (PDF)

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.