Extra Help for Members with Asthma, Chronic Pulmonary Disease, and/or Diabetes

We are dedicated to providing safe, responsible, and quality health care. We coordinate care through our Population Health program to improve results.

The program looks for patients with a diagnosis of diabetes, asthma, and/or chronic pulmonary disease (COPD). The members who are eligible for Health Coaching are engaged to see if they need extra help with their health care.

There are some other ways we find members who might qualify for Health Coaching:

  • We look at the results of the health risk appraisals (HRAs) that all Medicare Advantage members take. If a member of another program, such as Apple Health, gets a diagnosis related to diabetes, asthma, or COPD, we send the member an HRA and look at the results.
  • We look at data collected by utilization management and case management.
  • At daily rounds of hospital patients, we refer patients to Health Coaching if their conditions are related to diabetes, asthma, or COPD. Case managers tell us if they see such patients.
  • Members may refer themselves and providers may refer patients directly to Health Coaching.

If you have questions about Health Coaching, please contact our Customer Service team.