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New Vision Benefit for Apple Health Members

Effective November 1, 2020, CHPW is pleased to announce an expansion of Medicaid (Apple Health) member benefits to include fully covered eyewear (lenses and frames). This expanded vision benefit applies to members 21 and up and will be administered by Superior Vision (Versant Health).

Effective February 1, 2021, both routine vision exams and eyewear will be administered by Superior Vision for CHPW Medicaid adult members.  We have made this decision to make it easy for our members to get both the exam and glasses in one location, help reduce the cost burden of eye care for members, and process claims efficiently.

If your practice participates with Superior Vision:

If your practice participates with Superior Vision, you’ll be able to verify eligibility, submit routine eye exam claims, and order eyewear directly for CHPW members (21+ Medicaid population only) using the Superior Vision provider portal. Claims and eyewear orders will be processed in accordance with your Superior Vision contract.

If your practice does not participate with Superior Vision:

If you are not currently participating in the Superior Vision network, you are still able to perform routine eye exams until January 31, 2021, in accordance with your CHPW contract. However, you’ll need to refer the member to a Superior Vision participating provider to utilize their eyewear benefits.

If you would like to join the Superior Vision provider network, please visit  Superior Vision has agreed to expedite contracting for all CHPW providers. You may continue to provide and bill medical vision services to CHPW for adult Medicaid members.

To locate a Superior Vision provider, visit or contact our member services team at (800) 879-6901.

If you have any questions regarding this expansion, please contact our provider relations team at [email protected].


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