For 25 years and counting, we’ve provided access to quality Medicaid coverage to Washington’s residents in their own communities. We expanded to cover Medicare patients in 2007. All of our coverage is geared toward a model of care that treats the whole person and fosters trust, compassion, respect, and equality. 

We were founded in 1992 by Washington’s community health centers. The CHCs wanted to form an insurance plan that would help coordinate care and advocate for people who were not being served by traditional insurance companies. We became the first not-for-profit managed care plan founded by Community Health Centers in the state, and today we are still the only not-for-profit to provide managed care to Apple Health members.

Our mission is to deliver accessible managed care services that meet the needs and improve the health of our communities, and make managed care participation beneficial for community-responsive providers. We work for patients, and we work to help providers better serve those patients.

Committed to Washington's families.

Community Health Plan of Washington is committed to Washington’s families. Our membership is incredibly diverse, and we do our best to make everyone feel at home. No matter what language a member speaks, we offer translation services. All of our employees are trained how to be sensitive to cultural difference and respect diverse perspectives. We provide a comprehensive home for our members’ health care, and we offer access to high-quality medical services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

We're here for Washington's residents, because we are Washington residents.

Meet our Executive Leadership Team

Meet the CHPW Board of Directors

Committed to Washington's communities.

Community Health Plan of Washington is committed to Washington’s communities. Our employee Mission Committee partners with local charities to organize quarterly drives collecting food, toiletries, clothing, books, holiday gifts, and school supplies. CHPW employees frequently get out of the office to use their 40 hours of paid volunteer time, serving meals at food banks and cleaning up community spaces.

Together with our family of Community Health Centers, we empower members with services that go beyond traditional health care, like food, housing, and transportation assistance. 

Committed to Washington's health.

Community Health Plan of Washington is committed to Washington’s health. We have a network of 20 Community Health Centers that operate more than 130 clinics across the state, more than 2,500 primary care providers and 14,000 specialists, and more than 100 hospitals. We are leading the field in mental health care access through Integrated Managed Care. Our public policy branch, Community Health Network of Washington, regularly lobbies both the state and federal legislature to protect the health care safety net and expand coverage for Washington. Community Health Plan of Washington invests 100% of its profits back into the Health Centers, helping them provide better care to everyone who walks in the door.

The Power of Community

At Community Health Plan of Washington, we believe in the power of community. When we stand together, we stand stronger, united to welcome, support, and inspire members on their path to their best health.