• Five Questions with Joel Chavez
    Meet Joel! The new Integrated Managed Care Regional Manager for Greater Columbia chose a profession in health care because he wanted to help others who were less fortunate.
  • Five Questions with Carlos Bustamante
    Meet Carlos! The Customer Service Team Lead enjoys helping our members and knows where to get a great pupusa.
  • Five Questions with Liz Perez
    Meet Liz! She considers herself first and foremost a social worker and is our new Regional Manager in Spokane.
  • Five Questions with Alex Garrard
    Meet Alex! He joins CHPW as the head of our newly-adapted human resources department...Alex is the Vice President of People and Culture!
  • Five Questions with Natalie Christopherson
    Meet Natalie! We're proud to have her here as our Tribal Liaison. She's a life-long advocate and health care professional, a member of the Cherokee Nation, and future Master Angler.
  • Five Questions with Marci Bloomquist
    Meet Marci! She's our North Sound Regional Manager for Integrated Managed Care. She's looking forward to helping members and providers understand the benefits of collaborative care.
  • Five Questions with Jannett Davis
    Meet Jannett! She's an outpatient supervisor with Utilization Management and loves working with a health care system that can help people for generations rather than just one at a time.
  • Five Questions with Ashley Kleinjans
    Meet Ashley! She's our new Manager of Case Management based out of Spokane. While we're sorry her soccer career was cut short, we're lucky to have someone who knows so much about case management.
  • Five Questions with Fran McGaugh
    Meet Fran! She's the Manager of Pharmacy Clinical Programs here at CHPW, the latest step in her service-oriented career.
  • Five Questions with Connie Mom-Chhing
    Meet Connie! She's our Director of Integrated Managed Care and is based out of our Vancouver, WA office. She's excited to expand integrated managed care services statewide.
  • Five Questions with Manda Oien
    Meet Manda Oien! Manda is the Population Health Manager and is driven by her belief that health care should be accessible to all.
  • Five Questions with Danielle Brinkley
    Meet Danielle Brinkley! She's the Manager of Population Analytics. She loves that her work gives her the chance to find creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Five Questions with Alan Lederman
    Meet Alan Lederman! He's been with CHPW for 11 years and is our new Chief Operating Officer. He's looking forward to the challenges of being COO and perfecting his home-brewed IPA.
  • Five Questions with Darla Bernstein
    Meet Darla Bernstein! She's a Director of Care Management in Health Services and is looking forward to starting a Master's program this fall.
  • Five Questions with Linda Sewell
    Meet Linda Sewell! She's the Quality Analysis/HEDIS manager in IS&T and loves to use her paid volunteering time at the Cherry Street Foodbank.
  • Five Questions with Deborah Gleeson
    Meet Deborah Gleeson! She's the Director of Information Systems and Technology and loves how much she gets to learn at CHPW.
  • Five Questions with Karla Eskro
    Meet Karla Eskro! She's a supervisor with our Customer Service team, a former stage manager, and an expert onion-chopper.
  • Five Questions with Tashau Asefaw
    Meet Tashau Asefaw, Manager of Care Coordination and Community Linkages
  • Five Questions with Shannon Baker
    Meet Shannon Baker, our Health Services division's manager of Care Management.
  • Five Questions with Connie Kim
    Meet Connie Kim, a recruiter for Community Health Plan of Washington.
  • Five Questions with Kim Smith
    Meet Kim Smith, CHPW's Sr. Human Resources Business Partner.
  • Five Questions with Amanda Klein
    Meet Amanda Klein, the People Development Program Manager at Community Health Plan of Washington.
  • Five Questions with Justin Fowler
    Meet Justin Fowler, Community Health Plan of Washington's Director of Utilization Management.