Let’s Go Green together!

Help make our Go Green Initiative a success by using our electronic services, such as submitting claims, receiving electronic remittance advice and payments, getting information about eligibility, benefits, and more. There are many benefits to going green. 

Using an electronic clearinghouse not only helps the environment, it also provides you with:

  • 24 hour availability
  • Access to timely benefit, eligibility, and claims status information
  • Eliminating time spent waiting for mail delivery of RAs and checks
  • Automatic crediting and availability of funds without making a manual check deposit; elimination of lost or misplaced checks and associated fees

If you are not currently signed up for any electronic transactions with CHPW, we encourage you to sign up for electronic payments and electronic remittance advices. Electronic payments are sent via automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, often referred to as electronic funds transfer (EFT) or direct deposit. Electronic remittance advices (ERAs) are also known as 835 transactions.

If you currently receive paper RAs and are not signed up to receive ERAs/835s, we encourage you to sign up for 835s. If you sign up for 835s, or if you currently receive paper and electronic RAs, we will automatically turn off your paper RAs within 90 days unless you contact us and ask us not to.

If you receive a request from CHPW to send medical records for post payment review, you can send them to us electronically via fax, CD, or thumb drive. Or you can use an online medical records solution like IOD or HealthPort. Sending records electronically means we’ll receive them faster, reducing your risk of having claims deny for non-receipt of records.

Going from paper to paperless transactions is big change.

Don’t worry, we can help you! Please review our Electronic Data Interface FAQ for more information about electronic transactions. Contact edi.support@chpw.org if you have questions that are not answered in here.