$600 HIE Discount for Participation in the WA Link4Health Clinical Data Repository

The WA Link4Health Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is a patient-centric database designed to help care teams of Apple Health Managed Care enrollees gain a more comprehensive understanding of their patients’ medical history.  If you are required to participate in the first stage of the CDR rollout (e.g., you are contracted with a Managed Care Organization, you treat Apple Health Managed Care Enrollees, and you have a 2014 certified EHR), you are eligible to participate in the incentive program described below. The Washington Health Care Authority and OneHealthPort are working together to explore ways of removing barriers to participation in the Clinical Data Repository (CDR). As part of this effort, OneHealthPort is offering a one-time HIE subscription discount for providers who meet specific criteria.

Providers who are required to participate in the first stage of the CDR rollout and who meet the following criteria will receive a one-time discount of $600 off of their annual HIE subscription. $150,000 in incentive dollars are available. The incentive will be issued on a first come, first served basis to providers up to the $150,000 limit.

Incentive Criteria:
•       Send C-CDAs to the CDR, for all Medicaid encounters, using the production system by 06/01/17.
•       Send C-CDAs to the CDR, with the following components able to parse; Problems, Procedures, Medications, Allergies, Labs, Vital Signs and Immunizations:
•       Providers must continue to submit C-CDAs for all Medicaid encounters. For purposes of paying the incentive, OHP will consider the criteria satisfied after 30 days of ongoing submissions.
•       Until 10/01/17, the provider is not obligated to correct and resubmit to the CDR patient records that fail due to matching errors. 

Getting Started:
To get started with the CDR, visit: http://www.onehealthport.com/hca-cdr